seat belt fail

Early on the importance of using ropes helmet while driving the car was reported very impressive to the public and drivers. The use of seat belts in itself can be the difference between life and death in the event of a fatal traffic accident.

Air bags and belt helmet.

When an air bag for the first time they think they have found an alternative to seatbelts. Manufacturers clearly that the air bag will stand the old belt really old. I realize that the only way to secure a drive with air bags. Rope belt with helmets established. The air bag has been reduced significantly but the number of victims in a car accident in the air bags have saved the lives far from the numbers that helmet strap.

The air bag can not actually cause injury or death when used with self-belt. So how can the leadership or the head or neck and a bag of upper-air as murder. Seat belts for all passengers in a safe place for the spread of the disease. Air bag safety.

Belt can not be trusted when trusted.

When you enter the helmet strap sudden often feel relieved and prevention. Horseback belt I feel that running with the free safety as a source of concern. But in a few clicks you hear at the lowest bar just a mistake. Protection.

Years received a production car in the waist cars waste. When suddenly open a connection to the belt when the car assembly as a result of poor design or manufaktur disability.

Some belts are not suitable to test the level of performance subject to this conflict. It would be acceptable to the minor collision, but this issue revealed conflicts between those who truly ironic that you have a packet helmet fell more than others. Liquid and open the lock.

As well as conquest, belts, and some failed to take advantage of the absence or braid torn. Fiber helmets passengers must hold a rope is very strong and very strong. If the belt hurt each other after the crime was serious enough. Design manufaktur or a belt. This should not happen, and if it is not a company that manufactures belt must be responsible.

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