Well, you have a tuner of your chapter and they are talking about the heel and foot pedal work, you must ask yourself: "What is the heel and foot boards work?." You can cause illness belief that the use of heel press the accelerator pedal, while the use of toe yourbig pressure on the brake pedal.

Facts have proved that the old automotive engineering, long the ship when the accelerator pedal assembly and can be used in this way to your toes to the left is the heel. Obviously, this is no longer the case. Therefore, the driving performance, and heel to reduce foot problems with the driving performance, especially the design of shoes, heel foot and pedal work, therefore, heel feet and shoes driving performance.

You actually do is start your brake pedal on the right-left edge of the right edge. To take advantage of the advantages of natural gas, you turn your ankle, one by the gas and the right shoes, the right side of flash.

The use of technology in the foot and driving performance, high heels can really improve your abilities. Next, I do not know what a heel and a good foot traffic do? Heel and foot board action can drop files, drifting through the use of conversion. Blipping the accelerator pedal when you apply for feathing brake pedal and clutch pedal, I can drop files, while maintaining, until the meeting of the car.

However, is a technology to let you downshift smoothly, but not double-clutch, or a loss of the capacity of the edge in the first place. It also allows you to quickly used to accelerate faster tires, torque and power, while maintaining the balance of the car. This is particularly true performance car Hello, like the Mustang Shelby Cobra. In fact, Carroll Shelby has a specially designed driving such a leadership-type shoes.

Remember: one for the heel and toes soft, fast, stable, good, stable, safe and proper use, particularly with the driving performance of the shoes, and made a smooth manner.

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